• Images and audio

    Images and audio

    Rotterdam photographs, prints, drawings, topographic maps, postcards, posters, albums, films and sound recordings.

  • Find a person

    Find a person

    Search for a specific person or family member.

  • Archives


    Search through historical municipal and private archives of Rotterdam

  • Building plans

    Building plans

    Building plans of premises that were built in Rotterdam and the formerly independent municipalities.

  • Crew members of the Dutch East India Company

    Crew members of the Dutch East India Company

    Database of the National Archives of the names of crew members of Dutch East India Company (VOC) vessels during the period 1700-1794.

  • Library


    A large collection of books, magazines, annual reports and other published documents from and about Rotterdam and the surrounding region.

  • Municipal Directories

    Municipal Directories

    Scans of municipal directories of Rotterdam containing names of companies and individuals covering the period 1808 – 1939.

  • Newspapers and Periodicals

    Newspapers and Periodicals

    Search articles about Rotterdam and surroundings in daily and weekly newspapers from the period July 1993 - December 2009 (and order).

  • Notarial Deeds

    Notarial Deeds

    Extracts from deeds drawn up by civil-law notaries in the region of Rotterdam between 1585 and 1811 and for Ridderkerk even as late as 1915.

  • Rotterdam Yearbook

    Rotterdam Yearbook

    Digitised versions of the Rotterdam Yearbook from 1888 to present contain a wide variety of articles and features about the history of Rotterdam.

  • Rotterdamsch nieuwsblad

    Rotterdamsch nieuwsblad

    All editions of the Rotterdamsch Nieuwsblad that were published between 1929 and 1946 inclusive.

  • Street names

    Street names

    Street names in Rotterdam that still exist or are no longer used, with background information as determined by the mayor and aldermen in Rotterdam and their predecessors.