Street names

Street names in Rotterdam that still exist or are no longer used, with background information as determined by the mayor and aldermen in Rotterdam and their predecessors.

The street name committee do not propose street names that have just been selected at random. Street names often refer to the history of a place or form part of a chosen theme of a particular district. Take the Hofplein, for example, the name of which is reminiscent of the knights residence of Weena, which lay to the north-east of the modern-day Hofplein. Or consider the Wonderklauwpad, in the sub-municipality of Hoogvliet, which forms part of the district theme of fishing tackle and refers to an item of fishing tackle used in cockle-fishing.

Every street name has its own tale to tell, its own history. The database contains all manner of information about the history of streets and how the street names were allocated.