Rotterdam Yearbook

Digitised versions of the Rotterdam Yearbook from 1888 to present contain a wide variety of articles and features about the history of Rotterdam.

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History of the Rotterdam Yearbook 1888 - present

The first Rotterdam Yearbook was published in 1888 as an initiative of the Municipal Archive of Rotterdam. Since then, the yearbook has expanded into one of the most important media in the historiography of Rotterdam. It not only contains historical studies, but it also provides a source for researchers due to the inclusion of a chronicle (since 1892), the list of deceased citizens of Rotterdam (since 1954 to 2003), the feature on street naming (since 1992), and so on.

The Municipal Archive of Rotterdam has published the yearbook since 1888. Initially, the yearbook was published at irregular intervals and it was always difficult each time to raise the necessary funds in order for it to be published. It was only in 1947 that the historical society Historisch Genootschap Roterodamum ensured the book's continued publication by purchasing copies for its members. The Municipal Archive of Rotterdam and Historisch Genootschap Roterodamum jointly ensured that the yearbook would be published on an annual basis, offering an attractive design and content for the members who received copies by delivery to their homes. Individual copies of the book are also available from the Municipal Archive on the Hofdijk. If you would like further information about how to become a member of the Historisch Genootschap Roterodamum, please visit


To mark the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the Historisch Genootschap Roterodamum and 150 years of the Municipal Archive of Rotterdam, the contents of the yearbooks were converted into digital format in 2007. The digitisation of the yearbooks ensures optimum searchability and therefore makes it as easy as possible to find the individuals and subjects covered in the books. The variety of articles and features is, after all, so great, that it is easy to lose your way among the series of more than one hundred yearbooks.

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