Municipal Directories

Scans of municipal directories of Rotterdam containing names of companies and individuals covering the period 1808 – 1939.

The municipal directories collection covers the period 1808 to 1939 inclusive. The first municipal directories mainly contain information about the municipal executive and wealthy citizens. However, over the years, the contents have been expanded with information about the citizens listed by a person’s name and by street, and details about companies, institutions, shops, societies, church associations, etc. are also included.

It has emerged that viewing the digital municipal directories is not always problem-free. Sometimes, a page is not displayed and the indexing is not always correct either. We kindly request that you notify us of blank pages and errors in the index by sending us an e-mail. The identified errors will then be rectified as soon as possible.

Searching Municipal Directories

Searching through the directories is only possible in the Dutch language.